Coke Manufacturing


Simplex Coke is a leading manufacturer cum trader of Low Ash Metallurgical Coke with state of the art stamp charging coke technology manufacturing plants located in Kutch & Porbander, Gujarat. The joint installed coke production capacity is 0.40 million tons p.a.

Simplex Coke currently has a market share of approximately 5% in west and north India. With a modest initial turnover of Rs.40 Million, the company has grown to a turnover of Rs.1 billion in 4 years’ time.

What do we do?

Simplex coke caters to retail and corporate customers across multiple states. Over the past years of operations, the company has been able to cater to several large and medium corporates on a continuous basis. We have been able to establish a proven product track record and acceptability with the industry. This was a key penetration challenge that was overcome by the company.

The company has the vision, proven record, market penetration, expertise and the ability to expand Pan India over a period of time.

Why coke?

Coke being a deficit product in the country, as also by the nature of the commodity being critical to our clients manufacturing activity, the demand is sustained and continuous. The coke industry is also benefitted from ADD (anti-dumping duty) on imports from China. Coking coal being the imported raw material attracts a mere 2.50% of BCD (basic customs duty), which has been constant from past 3 decades.


The current annual demand in our region for metallurgical coke in the corporate segment is about 0.90 million tons while in the retail segment is approximately 0.28 million tons. Of this market size, Simplex Coke is currently able to cater to 4.40% of the corporate demand and about 5.70% of the retail demand. Based on realistic capability of market share reach, the company believes that volume growth to the tune of 18% and 12% can be achieved across corporate and retail customers respectively.

We manufacture coke as per the specific requirements of our customers.

Please find a few standard specifications. Low Ash Standard Specification 1:
Parameter Specification
Moisture 5.00%
Ash(adb) 12.50%
Sulphur(adb) 0.65%
Volatilematter (adb) 1.25%
FC(adb) 86.50%
M-40 80.00% (Min)
M-10 08.00% (Max)
CRI 23.00% to 24.00%
CSR >65.00%
Chloride 300PPM
Silica 40.00% to 50.00%
Low Ash Standard Specification 2:
Parameter Specification
Moisture (arb) 5.00 % max.
Ash (adb) 12.50 % max.
Volatilematter 1.50 % max.
Sulfur 0.60 % max.
Phosphorous 0.05 % max.
Fixed carbon 85.00 % min.
GCV 6700 l/kg min.
M – 10 9.00% max.
M- 40 85.00 % min.
CSR 65.00 % min.
CRI 18.00% to 24.00%
High Ash Standard Specification:
Parameter Specification
Moisture <5.00 %
Ash 18 %
Volatilematter 1.4 % max.
Sulfur 0.60 % max.
Phosphorous 0.05 % max.
Fixed carbon 80 %
CSR 62 to 64%
CRI 26 %
Stamp charging coke Standard Size(s)
0 - 6 mm 4 - 8 mm 6 - 12 mm
12 - 25 mm 25 - 40 mm 40 - 60 mm
60 - 80 mm 70 - 110 mm 100 + mm